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“Cleaning is only the first stage in looking after
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Cleaning and maintaining your tennis court

A clean court plays better and gives you a much safer surface to play on, all through the year and will protect your investment and prolong the life of the court. Moss and algae can build up on tarmac courts and make your tennis court surface more like an ice rink.

It is important to get all debris and leaves off your tennis court and wash any slime from the surface that may have developed. If this is not done, moss and algae will feed on this slime and in the case of porous macadam courts, make the surface slippery and eat into it causing rapid deterioration.

It is especially important that dirt and moss in the surface are cleaned out to ensure free drainage, as water held in the surface matrix of the tennis court can freeze and expand to release chippings, spoiling the tennis court.

En-Tout-Cas offer a deep cleaning service that not only washes dirt off the tennis court  surface, but out of the surface to restore your court's grip and drainage to extend its life. If your tennis court has not been maintained for some time, this deep cleaning is the first process, allowing us to carry out a much more accurate assessment of its needs.


Other treatments for your tennis court

Other processes that may be recommended include, binder coating, repainting, resurfacing or overlaying with synthetic grass. All work is carried out punctually and efficiently by professionals, and includes treatment with a moss killer.

We offer the option of a one-day service to get your tennis court playable gain quickly. Our two-day deep clean service will revive the most tired courts. Simply pressure washing a court will not give you the kind of deep clean that you need to make the court safe and ensure that it lasts for years. The picture below on the right shows a tennis court surface that has been first pressure washed and then cleaned again with one of our Whirl-A-Way surface cleaners.

Cleaning and maintaining your tennis court will lengthen its quality of life significantly. The ugly black tide mark in the picture on the right shows the extra dirt that has been forced out of the surface. If you simply repaint a court that has only been pressure-washed, you will trap a substantial layer of dirt under the paint, and prevent the court from draining properly. Cleaning and maintaining your tennis court will lengthen its quality of life significantly.

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The 17-year-old sand-filled court pictured above had not been cleaned for ten years. As the picture shows, even old untreated courts can be restored and renovated.

The image above shows the difference between pressure washing and using a Whirl-A-Way cleaner. The Whirl-A-Way has been used here on top of a previously pressure cleaned court. As the picture shows, the process cleans far deeper and more effectively than a pressure wash.

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