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En Tout Cas - the best known name in tennis court construction since 1909.


En-Tout-Cas tennis court fencingAn En-Tout-Cas court is an investment in the quality of the materials we use and the skills and experience that we have developed over decades as tennis court builders. No matter what the type of surface you need from all round family use to championship level tennis we have the surface to match your needs.


En-Tout-Cas tennis courtOur tennis courts are beautiful and designed to blend in with their surroundings. But it's the quality of the surfaces we use and the quality of construction, below the lush green playing surface and crisp white lines, that ensure that your En-Tout-Cas tennis court will give you years and years of fun and enjoyment.


En-Tout-Cas tennis court historyThe story of En-Tout-Cas is one of ingenuity, and commitment to quality. En-Tout-Cas grew, over more than 100 years, from its origins in a Leicestershire brickyard through building runways in the Battle of Britain and surfaces for the 1948 Olympics to become the best-known artificial sports surface builder.

En-Tout-Cas, quality tennis court construction

En-Tout-Cas have been building the world’s finest and best-known tennis court surfaces since 1909. The name comes from the French phrase which translates roughly as "in all conditions." The En-Tout-Cas name is known the world over and is often used as a generic term for any synthetic tennis court.

In fact, there is only one builder of En-Tout-Cas tennis court surfaces and our family involvement with the company stretches back to 1946.  Quality comes first at En-Tout-Cas and always has. That’s why you will find our tennis courts and multi-use games areas in use all over Great Britain. Today we combine a proud heritage, an unashamedly old-fashioned pride in our workmanship and a commitment to innovation and modern technology.

En-Tout-Cas tennis court
An En Tout Cas tennis court


Our range consists of six great tennis court surfaces. These are: Pladek, Sporturf, Savanna, Tenniturf, Omniclay and Matchplay. Each has its own characteristics and maintenance requirements. But whichever surface suits you best, premium quality is assured...


En Tout Cas's obelisk tennis court fence suports


Building tennis courts that will last and play beautifully for years is only half the story. It’s important to landscape your court into its surroundings and then to frame it with an attractive fencing system. En-Tout-Cas offer two top-quality fencing systems for tennis courts...


Brushing an En Tout Cas tennis court surface


All tennis court surfaces require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in top condition. Moss, leaves and dirt can leave your court unplayable. Maintenance  by EnTC Court Cleaning will keep the surface safe, and extend the court's life.


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